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You can’t be a wealthy civil servant without other source(s) of income no amount of your salaries CAN MAKE YOU RICH except you have a link to loot public funds.

Nigerian Youths must think out of box, especially the Yoruba Nationals, who had placed certificates over manufacturing.
Let me tell you, in few years to come, civil service will be the most redundant sector, and her servants will become more paupers.
The contributions of the civil servants to the growth and development of economy is very minute, compare to others in Manufacturing, production, mechanized farming, oil and gas, business cum trading , Engineering etc. For instance; The tax paying into the Federal account by Macon Engineering according political information with me Gov. Seyi Makinde alone paid more taxes than entire Oyo state civil servants if that information is real oo and Macon Engineering is still a baby in the industry.
No matter how brilliant you’re in academic, once you join civil service or salaries system, you have restricted yourself to Master- slavery relationship, and as such you can’t be mentioned among the most influential or wealthy people.
However, the youth including including the writer should know that the best freedom you can have is to be the boss of yourself, design your success and accept your failure , but many of us don’t want to start from scratch, we alleged government of not doing the needful, we blame government policy up and down , and we end up in doing nothing, few of us started with courageous minds but got discouraged in the midst of the sea and sink.

If we wait for government to put everything in places for us, we would grow an adult without materials to be called adults, in fact, our children may regrets of having us as fathers.
Let me tell you, before I became a civil servant, who is caged under the law and ethics, I was doing well in supporting people financially, there was a lot of freedom, facilitating jobs for people, having access to information on contracts and of course I was doing fine, but since I got hooked down with a paid job, my influence reduced, my movement is restricted, my freedom was taking away and I hardly support people financially as before, even my salaries can’t keep me well
Your salaries can feed you but can’t help in helping others, salary earners are perpetual complainers and most wailing wailers In the system, funny about it, is that their destination is designed by politicians who are in the system to keep themselves better and probably help few people and go.

My dear youths, if you’re age 18-45, and you’re reading this, I congratulate you,
You can change your destiny by learning a skill and start working on it, by 2030, government may collapsed in civil service, salaries may not be paid but one thing that can’t collapse is your innovative ideas .
Yes I know that you struggled to get certified from many fields and you’re brilliant , I know government has failed to meet individual needs , no government can meet individual needs but individuals can meet up their needs .
Forget the failure ahead, forget financial constraints, start up a business, be a genius of an idea.

Let help ourselves with an idea
Start a business targeted at peoples need e.g A primary school is very close to your house and the pupils can’t do without pencils and cleaners , you can begin to sell pencils and cleaners, or frying pufpuf in front of the school, before you know both the pupils and the teachers will become your customers, before you know few people will join you there .

To be continued………

Generalissimo For-Dmasses

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