Why Are You Running, The Real Betrayal? | Oluwaseun Odetunde

As hoped for in Nigeria, things start to warm at the time being of the year of an election eve. The road to who occupies the Aso Rock come 2023 begins by politricking, politicians who have spent the last three years drawing and shaping their tricks begin to spread out their propaganda.  Rome doesn’t start in a day so is it to every serious politician, this year 2022 is not even they will start going to their drawing board, though we have had some Lagos politicians coming to make the sound of a blank drum at this period but what’re the outcome?

On thy mark, set… Go Forward with Courage! Yes, that’s how one of our honorable ministers decided to go to the Olympic 100m senior boys, I guess the minister should have been made to oversee our sports ministry instead but he never underperformed in his present capacity. Well, that’s what his analyst put out and concluded and made to be the ruse to deceive the Nigerians showing that he is fit but I can’t remember the last time the popular Olympic Games were hosted at the Aso Rock! Honorable minister on the mic and tell us, why are you running?

“If my party gives me the ticket, many Nigerians know that I am the round peg for the round hole in Nigeria. I will fit in, and in two years, only two years, you would see the effect of my governance…” says one of the trickers.  But let’s go down to history and see why he’s so full of himself to believe that he’s the triangle peg for the triangle hole. Well, that’s just another trick from the book of politricks. This tricker was a former chief executive officer of a Nigerian state whose successor in 2019 said in one of the dailies that he’s a failure. The double-dealer has been possibly in government for Nineteen years consecutively. Hi lord, what has been done possibly by you for Nigerians for nineteen years to have you imply you can be assigned for another two years?

In Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s book titled Fighting Corruption Is Dangerous: The Story Behind the Headlines, she noted that the Country was heading to economy recession during the Goodluck Jonathan led administration in which all the state Government are fully aware of but they come to the public to tell us that the Federal Government is a failure. The governors and all lawmakers decided to fool Nigerians by telling us they will move mountains knowing well that the country economy is about to collapse, no single policy was drawn out as a campaign plan to solve the economy problem. The present government would have performed more better if they have based their campaign on a definitely plan of how to defeat the failing economy instead they were dishing out lies, impossible vision, one sided plan, they were thinking within the box hereby stuck in the traditional ways of generating wealth for the country. When the global oil price finally reaches the diminishing level, the country finally falls beyond repair if I am permitted to say that.

The present government made a lot of promises they know it’s not possible or probably don’t think of the cost implications. How do you vow to defeat the Bokoharam in your first year and yet it took you more seven years and still counting only to tell Nigerians that you pushed them across the border claiming they have been defeated, ok! Let’s agreed they have been defeated, well the death of Bokoharam has given birth to double wahala for our dead body like Fela said, we know have bandits, unknown gunmen working like the sorcerer in the movie Merlin. IPOB are there terrorizing the East, Fulani herdsmen attack begins to encourage the agitation of Yoruba nation.

Nowhere is safe except the state or federal house, no one can sleep with the two eyes fully close even when the eyes are widely opened, security is not guaranteed. What a pity!

My writing will be like a dirge if I continue with comparison between what the progressive promised and what they have achieved though undoubtedly infrastructure are in place but poverty becomes the need epidemic. Naira is becoming weak and valueless, the grass is not greener even on the green side of the Nigerian flag. How do we solve this or where do we go from here?

The aforementioned rhetorical questions is what I think this old men should put answers to rather than giving us a Chinese language tutorial that was not practicable while he was a state Governor even the man who chairs the National Economic Council can only boast of experience traveling across the country, you travel to do what and how do you plan to tackle the poverty you have seen across the state? This man is even saying that he won’t spend two years trying to decide what to do, bravo! Are you telling Nigerians your boss is sluggish and confused well show me your friends and I will tell you who you are!

“It is unfair and injustice if I don’t spend 16 years in Aso Rock, with all my newly acquired local and international connections….” well that’s not your family house and Nigerians will determine.
Unlike previous political session in Nigeria, the word betrayal is not a common words though it is known that politics is characterized with backstabbing but in this year election eve, we have the word ‘betrayal’ as a common words among some aspirants making it looks like this is the first time a particular political camp will betray another. “…I have no son grown enough to declare…” “..I have decided that I will run for d office. I have sworn an oath to d Fed Rep of Nigeria. It’s an oath to our people, our children& future of Nigeria. I owe nobody else any allegiance outside the oath…” these two aforementioned statement has get the people saying one politician has betray another but if I may ask, who is the real betrayal?

The real betrayal is not that big man who has been the chairman of our Economy policy and yet the economy keeps dropping just like the rain falls from the sky neither is the real betrayal the kingmaker who has spent all his resource over the years to make people king. The Judas is all Nigerian politician or office holders that has promised to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, they has promised heaven and earth to ensure the riche and not getting richer. And the poor becoming poorer. The poor are not only getting poorer but the live is under threat and they are poor and still can’t a guarantee that if they sleep, they will wake up. These are the people that has every right to feel betrayed. Or how will you explain the feeling of a person who trusted you with all his sovereign right, obedience to rules and law of the constitution, yet the government can’t provide basic amenities for the common persons, safety of life is not ensured, there’s freedom of speech but freedom after speech is all man to himself. The government has in every aspect of life betray and failed the people.

The government has failed miserably to the point where trust has vanished, and Nigerians are skeptical of everyone, including themselves. WHY?? I believe now is the time for the professor to cease speaking Queen’s English, and the laborer to understand that they are the grass that suffers when elephants battle. “If you failed to join politics, you will be govern by the fools…” We must educate ourselves; the youth must never be used as a weapon of destruction; the elderly should quit accepting peanuts from these greedy co artists; and voting should be based on reason rather than emotion. 

Now is the time! There’s no need for excuses!! 

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