When Elephants Fight, The Grass Gets Trampled, JAC, Oyo State Government Have Mercy On Us | Ogunshola Oluwafemi

Good day Joint Action Committee of Oyo State tertiary Institutions and Oyo State Government.

First of all, Our Dear Listening Governor, permit me to once again trespass into your already busy schedule. Very much Important to remind you that education remains the pride which the common man can acquire as a tool to conquer ignorance and poverty. A wise man once said ‘the one who opens the door of school closes the door of war’.

As a result of the ongoing strike, which have just been extended by Additional 4 weeks. I must confess to you the expectations, dreams and aspirations of students have been unsettled. Spending more time than the statutory duration in school has implications for employment patterns, where age is an important consideration for entry-level jobs. Our hopes have been raised and shattered over and over again by the numerous unyielding meetings and negotiations between the State government and the union.

Sirs,  you may or may not be aware that when the strike is called off all students will be made to jump hurdles which they are unprepared for; we will be put on ‘fire brigade’ mode; we will have to cover a four-month course in one month.

Has the union or government thought about how much stress this will cause our brains, our mental health and the financial implication on our parents, who will not be given enough time to be able to provide the money needed in school?. What about we students in our final year who have a lot of school work to do, ranging from assignments and research work to project writing amongst others? Don’t you agree that the strike should be called off for the sake of these ones. In all, I may not have spoken the minds of all Polytechnics in Oyo State, but I have communicated the feelings of most. We plead that as a father you both hearken to the cries of your children and see reasons to find a common ground and put an end to the strike.

I hope the government and JAC are parents who have care of their wards at the centre of their heart. I hope this will make them to reconcile and settle the lingering strike within the coming days as 4 weeks is too distracting, disheartening and unbeatable to accept.

Save us JAC

Yours Faithfully,

OGUNSHOLA, Oluwafemi Oladimeji
A Student of Civil Engineering Department, Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic, Eruwa.

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