We Are Not Investigating Tinubu, INEC Reveals

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said it is not commencing an investigation into the criminal forfeiture of a presidential candidate.

INEC disclosed this in a statement on Saturday evening.

According to media reports, it had been alleged that the APC candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was ordered by a US court in the 1990s to forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars, due to narcotics trafficking allegations.

INEC stated that a press release purported to have been issued by the commission has been trending online since Friday, 11th November 2022.

“It claims that the commission has commenced investigation into a case of criminal forfeiture against one of the presidential candidates in the 2023 general elections and is liaising with a court in the United States of America in pursuit of same to determine a possible violation of our guidelines on the Electoral Act 2022”.

INEC disclosed that the press release did not emanate from the commission and is not pursuing the purported course of action.

” It is the handiwork of mischief makers and utterly fake.”

The release added that all their press releases are uploaded to the INEC Press Corps platform and disseminated through its website and official social media handles.

For the record: Earlier this week, the Bola Ahmed Tinubu, campaign stated that he is not sick, and is more mentally, physically, and spiritually alert compared to other presidential candidates.

The Tinubu Campaign Council stated that Tinubu was more mentally, physically, and spiritually alert than other presidential candidates.

“Tinubu is as fit as a fiddle and has nothing to hide because there are no skeletons in his cupboard.

“He is more mentally, physically, and spiritually alert, compared to other presidential candidates, irrespective of what is being said about him in the media.

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