Student Activist fires FOSSU Leadership in an Open Letter

Oke Ogun born activist, Jeleel Oluwaseyi Azeez popularly known as African Lincoln as fired the leadership of Federation of Oyo State Students Union led by Comrade Olowoeko.

Jeleel was a former Students Union President of the College of Education Lanlate and now a students of the prestigious University of Ibadan.

Federation of Oyo State Students Union is the indigenous body that represents the interest of students within and outside the state. The present administration led by Olowoeko has overstayed in office thus trailing reaction from concerned bodies and individuals.

The open letter which reads in part;


I came up at the moment to express my displeasure in the state of our Students Association in the pace setter state not only as a concerned student in the state but also as a member of the zone that produced the current National President owing to the fact that it is never in the culture of Oke-Ogun Comrades to perpetrate sit-tight leaders syndrome nor project private interest at the expense of general interest which J.J Rosseau argued that it has to be dismissed for citizens to feel the existence of the government they voted in their interest.

One of the popular campaign at the moment is the need to arrest the monster called bitter politics which is considered to be the major element of maintaining a position beyond the constitutional provision on the part of our leaders in the helms of affairs across the nooks and crannies of the Country and if the upcoming youths who are the major advocates will convincingly put this up to everyone, it has to start with us in our different Students Associations as Ladipo Shonlanke opined that “Students Union is a training ground for aspiring politicians”.

Mr President sir, I will like to direct it to you that, students made a rational decision by handing over their rights of governing themselves to you as a leader because your campaign promises reflects the expectations they looked up to have from this enterprising Union but you are not making a right decision for betraying the confidence they reposed in you. Or maybe you have never asked yourself what it takes to lead the students Constituency in any capacity.

You have done all you can and if the idea of leading this association successfully only resides with a person or few people, your predecessors or yourself wouldn’t have been elected to take charge as the pioneer Administrators will be maintained but because individuals has ideas which we all believed will advance the greatness of our Union, that’s why transition which has election has a basic process is considered necessary, so give room for the same process to determine your successor. May I remind you that as you reminded us of your memorabilia as a means of convincing us to your side during electioneering is the same way we will remind you of the steps you took in paving way for our interest and the actions you took to aggregate your private interest.

In a similar vein, it is imperative to tell our representatives in the legislative council of FOSSU that we made wrong choices for putting you there because the constitution and our general believe is that you are there to make our interest known and devise means to make them  realities by obstructing all that may hinder it but you kept mute as if your microphone needs the consent of Mr. president to speak or you are elected to defend him against us. Legislating against the overstay will have been a better achievement which we will all live to celebrate because ideal legislation is part of what our country will need to progress when it is our time to take the lead but I felt so sad to realize you are silent when your voices ought to be sounding vibrantly.

Dear FOSSU NATIONAL ADMINISTRATORS, we voted you to represent us for a year not as a life holder, we trusted you to uphold the spirit of the constitution and not to become a dictator who gives no room for the constitution to take effect or give no room for our opinion. In lieu of the foregoing,  we demands a fresh election and smooth transition.

We are saying no to Mugabeship ideology

Jeleel Oluwaseyi Azeez
African Lincoln
Okeho, Kajola Local Government.
Oyo State.
18th of May, 2021.

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