Social Media Commentator Charges Governor Makinde Over Payment of Tertiary Institutions Salaries, Grants To Schools

No Governor has zero achievements but politics is always played out .
Let me put this so that the game players could understand that Seyi Makinde is not a push over too .

When talking about good governance in Nigeria of today, there’s no way you won’t make reference to, Engr. Seyi Makinde which some called People’s Governor , GSM has done his best to provide stability, good governance and accountability to the good people of Oyo state according to his best according to my findings

He has equally exhibited the quality of a good leader with the courage of not only taking actions but being ready to face the consequences of his actions.

In one of the Late Former Governor’s speech during the handing over process , Gov Ajimobi told GSM to take actions without looking at the Hoax the action might have gore

His achievements in various sectors are noticeable as the people of Oyo state are feeling the impact in various perspectives
These projects will definitely speak at appropriate time ” politics Apart “

According to my verification he has this to campaign against 2023 .

  1. Resuscitation of Ijaye Asphalt and Quarry plant after several years of been unproductive and left unattended to by the past administrations, the Quarry is now producing Asphalt for road construction throughout Oyo state and still serves as source of income for the state.
    In my investigation, Ladoja was said to have started working on the site , making sure it provided jobs opportunity to the youth but crisis redirect his plans .
  2. Over 550km of road projects in various zones in Oyo State are ongoing some were completed and some ongoing.
    E.g Idi-gedu sabo – ashipa road in Oyo ,. Moniya -Iseyin road , etc the ongoing ones Re Oyo – Iseyin road , Airport roads , Ogbomoso- Iseyin road , etc Oyo – iseyin road if completed before March next year, it is a banger for him , I plight it every week and understand the mood Of the users , but leaving it as it’s may not speak well .
  3. GSM administration came with the idea of “Light-Up Oyo Project” which is been powered by Gas and Diesel generators / battery-packed inverter systems until the IPP is ready
    This project was in place by the previous administration but weren’t in focus like this , the light up project has a special well funded ministry called , Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources with Seun Tna as the pioneer Commissioner
    Though some are powered with diesel and gas but investigation revealed that in due time it will be changed as the contractor handling it will maintain it for 7 years before they handed it over to the government.

The Ministry has also embarked on installing a total of another 153 solar street lights in some markets, palaces, Primary Health Centres, Garages and some other places in the state.

Many communities that have never had street light before has also benefitted from Solar Hybrid Mini-grids in Oyo state. Examples are Otefon village in Atiba Local government, Ogooluwa Local government in Ogbomoso etc .
The mini grid has the ability to light over 300 houses with the use of deep freezers, iron , tv set etc . Currently they’re running it for free in Otefon village but would be commercialized in due to for maintenance so pre-paid meters . This is a very good initiative sha 🥺

  1. In his quest to ensure safe, adequate and efficiency in transportation, two terminal bus-stops has been constructed and put to use , ( Challenge and Ojoo ) yesterday I engaged some people in Ojoo and they’re of the opinions that , the terminal added values to Ojoo , and they love it , why some people oppose it , it’s normal , while I was coming from Ibadan I assisted two people and their only complain is that the transportation fare is unfair to them. That’s personal any way but the opposition shouldn’t look down on it , some people appreciate it and would support GSM for it .
  2. One of this administration strength is salaries especially the mainstream civil service, for the past 3 years it has been adequate and consistent nothing stop the alerts on every 25 of the month, this shouldn’t have been called achievement but this is where we find ourselves, I learnt from reliable source that a woman from my local government retired 4 years ago and promised God that if her gratiuty is paid , 10% would go to God , 1% would go to the Governor in govt who paid it . This really shocked me shaa , the retired teacher has fulfilled her word .
    Go to the family of such a retired teacher, they will support GSM , 60% of pensioners are with him so don’t underrate it .
  3. The reconstruction of Akesan Market in Oyo was a collective efforts but GSM has the principal actor has the glory in the sight of the people, why is it a collective efforts?
    I’m aware a committee was set up where cash were raised and some politicians equally facilitated donation both in cash and materials like cement, iron sealing, nails etc but asking the users majority would confess that it’s Seyi Makinde . Honestly, Akesan is an infrastructure that has added values to Oyo town .
  4. The idea of moving a Faculty of Agriculture from Lautech to Iseyin is a success to Aseyin and Iseyin people . I have my full gist on it , only by divine power that can stop Aseyin from supporting him because Kabeyisi has always been proud of this each time he has visitors .
    Despite the fact that the shifting is facing some challenges from commencing.
  5. The pronouncement on Emmanuel Alayande College of Education to a full time Degree in Education , will be a plus to his person , though some staff members may not like this but if comes to reality , it’s a big deal 🤝🤝 for him .
    And I would personally praise him .

I would like to pen this that , you and I may not like him as a person but he has some achievements for his good and this maybe used to hang the opposition that are still scattered since primary .

  1. Don’t forget he has over 5000 and 962 Education officers in his credit, do u care to know this Sir and Ma ?
    Since the inception of Oyo State, this is the first gross employments in the ministry of Education, Science and Technology. No school could complain of no teachers except on few Subjects . Although, my reservations is on take off grant for the schools . This has effects on the teaching performance .

11.0 . GSM should please do something on the striking staff of the tertiary institutions like Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo , and Lanlate , College of Agric igboora, Etc .
This is the little I know GSM can use in 2023 as election is draw near .
” If opposition must win him , no be moimoi jobs ” .

Generalissimo For-Dmasses II is my name , no government has zero achievements and no incumbent should be underrated.

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