The performances of Senator Kola Balogun at the upper chamber of the legislative arm is not worthy of being a Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amidst the three senators we have in the state presently, he’s the least performing figure. Should we agree that inexperience is cogently undermining the better performance of that Senator. The Senator has been underperforming,  and also neglected the people of Ibarapa in his administration.

Each Senator asides from the Principal officers is entitled to five aides, including one senior legislative aide, two legislative aides, a personal assistant and a secretary. Who is from Ibarapa that should be hold responsible for the underperformance of the accidental Senator?

We can attribute his performance to that of a person who is reaping where he doesn’t sow.

Remember, he contested the last election with the late former Governor Ajimobi. The people of Oyo South Senatorial District voted against Ajimobi because of his style of governance when he was the number one citizen of the state. It’s evident to assume that the serving Senator Kola Balogun does not merit the office he’s occupying, and that is the more reason why his performance is rated low.

During the lockdown period, our accidental Senator distributed A CONGO of beans as palliatives even when honourables at the lower Chambers were doing extremely well for those in their respective constituencies. The two other senators from North and Central did wonderfully well, when it occured as if those in the South are unfortunate.

Little wander some groups attributed him to a warehouse without goods. The senatorial seat he is occupying came on a platter of Gold, we may not have to blame him much. This is someone who is no where to be found when the party primaries was conducted.

It will be of great importance if our senator can be more active at the floor of the house rather than being a dummy senator who just goes to the red chamber to warm-up the seat. Kindly visit YouTube and search for Senator Kola Balogun,you will only see a clip of his motion on Ibadan International Airport.

Recently, there were opportunities on Federal Road Safety Recruitment, COVID-19 loan, Oyo State Scholarship etc. He should kindly do well to publish names of those who benefited from the opportunities in his senatorial district.

Sometimes ago, the senator claimed to have constructed a Classroom for one primary school at Eruwa whereas the school was renovated because the school has been constructed by the previous government. Another one was that of the Oke Oba to Maya road he claimed is a lie. The road is still in the worst stage.

Kola Balogun has been a blight in disguise most especially to the people of Ibarapa. There are enough motions that can be raised to benefit the district he represents and many bills that could be sponsored.

Lately, one of the most active aide close to the Senator resigned his duty. What could have caused his resignation? If the Senator had been performing excellently, none of the aide would make bold to resign because they will always want to be identified with the success recorded.

How many of you reading this can confidently say your community has benefited from the Senator or can say of a person the Senator had assisted in securing employment or other opportunities?

The Senator’s underperformance might simply be, because he may not be interested in second term but should at least set a better template for those coming behind, his political party, family, local government and Community.

I challenge Senator Muhammad Kola Balogun to release a video evidence of all his achievements as soon as possible, we are tired of the scam.

Comrade Adedokun Sunday Harshasha
A true son of Eruwa, Ibarapa East LG.

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