PDP Campaign Trail Extends to Ward One, Unveils Promises For Community Development

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) campaign train journeyed to Ward 1, traversing through various villages with their representatives, reinforcing the commitment to fostering growth and progress in the community.

Led by the Campaign Director, Hon. Kasali Olatunji, and the dedicated campaign team, the event saw the enthusiastic participation of community members from Alajuba, Gaa Olojomu, Abule Ijesha, Abule Baba Mogba, Ijesha Village, Olojohun, and Abule Panu.

Among the representatives present were Moradeke Adeleke, Alhaji Olojomo, Ornan Jacob, Ayanleke John, Olaiwola Tunde, Shagari, and Idowu Babatunde, each embodying the aspirations and concerns of their respective villages.

The highlight of the gathering was the official presentation of the Ward 1 councilorship candidate, Hon. Olayiwola, to the communities, alongside the esteemed presence of the PDP chairmanship flagbearer, Hon. Kazeem Arogundade.

In reaffirming the party’s commitment to community development, the villages were assured of initiatives aimed at enhancing accessibility to urban centers and implementing schemes to bolster their agricultural prowess.

With a pledge to prioritize projects that align with the unique needs of each village, the campaign team reiterated its dedication to fostering inclusive growth and prosperity across Ward 1.

As the campaign trail continues its journey, the PDP remains steadfast in its resolve to empower communities, promising a future marked by accessibility, opportunity, and sustainable development.

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