My Reflections On King (Dr.) Saheed Osupa Latest Album “Power Of Music” And The Yoruba Presidency; Lekan Omo Oladipupo

Before setting out for today’s work, I took my time to listen to the new Album released by King (Dr.) Saheed Osupa Akorede, titled “POWER OF MUSIC”. His lyrical composition has always been top notch, so, my obsession listening to the song this morning is not to hear it for fun alone but to take a cue to what the lyrical colossus has done again especially as regard his reflection on 2023 election; the needs for the yoruba leaders to be united… and his dynamism in Track 2 where he sings Apala Style Of Music like Late Haruna Ishola. For any lover of good music, one will understand that K.S.O is known for good music cum current affairs. My obsession listening to it is to once again listen to a man who has carve a niche for himself in the Music industry, and I wasn’t disappointed. Saheed Osupa is a genius, on higher level!

Also, while I commend the lyrical avatar, the special track that caught my attention most is the “second track” on his reflection and concern about the current political tension, for, a Yoruba man to become the next President comes 2023. He briefly ensures he take a cue in the past, linking it with the present, and the implications that the current political tension in the country may have on the Yoruba’s land.

For more than three weeks now, I have been left in a state of confusion, and felt despair on the heat and tension concerning the current political brouhaha in the Southwest region. The Race to 2023 Presidential election which has begun with more than 4 Potential Presidential aspirants, two great personalities has publicly declared and have shown their purported aspiration. The duo are Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Professor Yemi Osibanjo, while the likes of Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State and Senator Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State are expected to declare soon as rumors beckon…

Away from that, the zeal to write and the flair to pen something apposite down for public consumption haven’t been there for me recently. I have written, and deleted many of my political views for the flair and the inspirations to couch something impressive and to appears like a mirage. Surprisingly, listening to K.S.O newly released album this morning, it simply caught the whole background of my concern as 2023 draws nearer.

However, one needs to understand that apart from King (Dr.) Saheed Osupa being one of the best Fuji Musician of all time, listening to his rhythm is not enough than to take a critical look into the lyrics and its content, skeptically. Also, listening to the lyrics is not enough than to listen to the message he is trying to pass across to the Yorubas. One could remember vividly that the feud between Awolowo and Akintola caused the Yoruba Nation Prime Minister seat in 1962.

The heat in tension led to Operation WETTIE that led to many destruction of lives and properties. As much as Ladoke Akintola might not enjoy the stratospheric fame and adulation that Awolowo enjoyed, he was also a great and famous Politician in Old Western Region. While K.S.O lyrics doesn’t mention any names both in the past and doesn’t point an accused fingers on any personalities… the same tension and political discord in 60’s that caused the Yoruba Nation the coveted Prime Minister seat, and birthed the notorious Operation WETTIE, has recently been gathering momentum but in a different dimensions, most especially in the area of Media- Wars, which, if not necessarily curtailed, if not not, but later, could lead to a physical assault to some political players that has little or no emotional intelligence.

K.S.O appears to sing like a “Prophet and an Historian”; “Prophet” in the aspect of predicting the calamity that may be too grievous to imagine for the Yorubas on the political landscape, and at the same time an “Historian” by making his miffed feeling on what has happened in the past. By asserting in the SONG CHORUS that “Omo Yoruba Mura, ka ma pa’da ka abamo, Ohun to sele nigba kan koye kotun wa pada wa’ye” — Students of history should definitely remembered, vividly, the catastrophe that OPERATION WETTIE brought upon the Yoruba Nation both socially, politically and economic wise.
It’s high time Yoruba Leaders regardless of their personal ambition close their ranks as 2023 draws nearer…

The Musical Genius reminisce on why issues arises anytime a Yoruba Man has a brighter chances of becoming the President of the Country “ Ose je wipe nigba ti Yoruba ba fe je ni o n bi ogun, to n bi ote, oro yi ni se pelu ogbon”— The line passes a message I personally has been pondering upon! Fortunately, K.S.O has dazzled it out with his music. It’s high time the acclaimed Yoruba elders bow down their egos and invent an audible voice that speaks unity ahead of 2023 Presidential election. Personally as an individual, I am a Yoruba before been a Nigerian and as such, I shared from K.S.O reflection that a Nation divided against herself cannot stand. The popular Yoruba aphorism that states “Agbajowo lafi n soya” should be the creed upon.

Away from Politics of calumny and sycophancy, it’s time we learn from history, as Winston Churchill posit that “those who fails to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Furthermore, K.S.O posit strongly that “once bittern twice shy” by asserting that “O ti kan yoruba niyen koye ka gbe ju si igbo “—If the situation is not well handled with the shows of power and struggle for supremacy among the different Yoruba Political leaders, we may end up allowing an outsiders benefiting from the whole imminent political battle. It’s high time we have a common font to fight the external aggressors rather than fighting an internal battles that could mar us just as K.S.O posit that “Kale akata lo ka wa fi abo si adie”. Just recently, Hon. Jibrin emphasized, “The Southwest Politicians regardless of their differences should close their ranks together”.

Above all, “POWER OF MUSIC” by K.S.O is very timely, and the message appears unambiguous. As we approach 2023, The Yorubas should close their ranks, settle their internal rancor, form a formidable team, and at the same time place a round peg inside the round role as any attempt to place a square peg inside the round rope will amount to catastrophe.

K.S.O has spoken like a guttural voice of a masquerade, the ranks and files should carefully listen to what the spirit is telling the Church. SHALOM!!

Note: With the information at my disposal, it was stated that the said album “Power Of Music” has been composed since last year December. I begin to see Saheed Osupa as an angel that see through TOMORROW. Yes, SAHEED OSUPA IS A MUSICAL GURU THAT DESERVES A BIGGER TITLE THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES, GLOBALLY!



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