“Founder of OOF is trustworthy in his Community Projects” | Wale Opeagbe

Reacting to the peddling rumor circulated by some youths in Ibarapa on the personality of Olusegun Okanlawon Foundation boss, one of the founding member of the foundation, Wale Opeagbe has reacted to the allegations against the founder of OOF.

In his word, he said, “Life is full of drama but when it comes to playing our own, we should always fear our creator in everything we do.My attention has been drawn to some issue going on with Olusegun Okanlawon Foundation recently and if I fail to speak the truth we will all account for what we have done in life and thereafter. I heard some set of people trying to rubbish what the founder has done across Ibarapa, I hereby stand against the peddling rumor because all what those people are saying is far from the truth. I debunk in totality the wrong information by those people and they should fear the day that people will call our name and we won’t be able to answer again”.

Opeagbe added that, “In the year 2018/2019, we were just two that started the foundation, I and my friend Qudus Oladele, 20 students from each town benefited the UTME form for free and the remaining 30 were slot given to people in the zone. Then 2019/2020  I was the one that registered the students, 150 students across Ibarapa and slot too so in total I registered close to 200 students across the zone. If anybody need proof I have it on a paper with me, Alihamdulahi 60% of those that were given free jamb gained admission into various universities of their choice, polytechnics and colleges of education. OOF has never fail to meet his promises, those saying it was not true that he gave exact forms out should stop all those stupid talk if they need the proof they should come to me I have intact”.

“Conclusively, if anyone is having personal issues with Olusegun Okanlawon, kindly face him with facts and not the foundation because some people suffer for the foundation the likes of myself Opeagbe Olawale and Qudus Oladele, and so many other great people. Am no longer a serving member of the foundation,but whenever there’s need to speak the truth, we should say it”.

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