Former Senator Sani Faults Buhari’s Call for AFRICOM Relocation Africa

A former Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, has faulted the call by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), for the United States to relocate its Africa Command from Germany to Africa.

The US Africa Command is responsible for military relations with nations and regional organisations in Africa.

Buhari made the call for its relocation during a meeting with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, against the backdrop of growing security challenges in the continent.

This is as many Nigerians urged the President to seek foreign help to tackle the security challenges in Nigeria.

In his tweet yesterday, he quoted “In my call with US Secretary of State Blinken, I asked the US to consider re-locating the AFRICOM HQ from Germany to Africa—near the Theatre of Operation; against the backdrop of growing security challenges in West & Central Africa, Gulf of Guinea, Lake Chad region & the Sahel.”

AFRICOM’s relocation to Africa, Shehu Sani said it is an open invitation for the recolonisation of the continent.

According to the former lawmaker, other foreign players will follow suit leading to the military balkanisation of the continent.

He tweeted, “The President’s call for World powers military HQ on African soil is an open invitation for recolonisation of Africa. It’s easier to tell and get them to come and when they come, it’s impossible to tell and get them to go out.

“Once the US relocates their HQ to Africa, Russia, China, Iran, Saudia, Israel, and co would follow suit with establishing their Commands HQs, and then Africa will be militarily balkanized; then we either become like Korea or like Syria.

“Over six decades since Independence, African countries should purposefully work together to confront & address their security challenges, while honorably seeking foreign technical assistance. The call for the US to relocate its @USAfricaCommand HQ to Africa is unconscionable.”

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