Ex-SGF Babachir Lawal Warns Tinubu, Says Muslim Muslim Ticket Disastrous Error

Former Secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir Lawal has said the decision of his All Progressives Congress (APC) and its Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to settle for a Muslim Muslim ticket is a “disastrous error” for the party ahead of polls next year.

Reacting to the choice of former Governor of Borno State Kashim Shettima, (Northern Muslim), Babachir Lawal a Christian from Adamawa State said the Muslim-Muslim ticket is “dead on arrival”.

Lawal’s position is contained in a statement issued to Journalists in Adamawa.

“I would love for Bola to be our next President. But I am afraid a Moslem-Moslem ticket will be “Dead on Arrival”. And the arrival date according to INEC’s election timetable is 25th February 2023′.

He said the arrangement will backfire on APC and jeopardize the chances of the party and its candidates in Christian dominated areas in the North.

He therefore called on the leadership of the party including President Muhammadu Buhari and indeed everyone else that matters in the party to reject it.

“This ticket will drag down the whole APC members to the pit. We all should reject it”.

“Bola Ahmed Tinubu, should be compelled by whoever can do so to rescind this decision. President Mohammed Buhari should exercise his powers as the Commander-in-Chief and as the APC Leader to revoke this nomination of a VP by Tinubu. The APC National Chairman should refuse to sign the nomination forms if not rescinded”.

He condemned the choice of Shettima, describing him as an “over overambitious man with plenty of money to make him look good in the eyes of many a supporter of Tinubu.

He said it appearsTinubu and APC are heading for destruction and that the gods have chosen the likes of Shettima and his inordinate ambition to achieve the purpose.

According to Lawal, Shettima is a Greek gift from Northern Governors, one that cannot be trusted.

“Those whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad”. It appears that the gods want to destroy the APC and its presidential candidate and have chosen the instrumentality of the northern Moslem governors and their super ambitious tool and Kashim Shettima for this purpose. Alhaji Kashim Shetima is a Greek gift from the Northern governors to Tinubu. I advise Bola to make sure Kashim’s two hands are always in plain sight and empty.

Lawal said he saw it coming reading Tinubu’s body language and debating the merits and demerits of it with him as well as listening to arguments pushed forward by those he has now surrounded himself that he now fears that his friend Tinubu in his desperation to achieve his life long ambition may have fallen for a satanic plot and cornered by powerful political jobbers who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

“Tinubu is a very good man. He is a great listener. He has a very humble and friendly disposition to everyone. He is very generous in both cash and kind, especially where it could advance his political interests. But I have realized that it is in the nature of power that sycophants and lapdogs have the most influence on leaders with such character traits.”

“They will lie to him, malign and disparage others and generally do anything to curry his favour and also put well-meaning associates in a bad light. I suspect this is what has happened to my friend. He has been cornered by self-serving, hero-worshipping lapdogs.”

“They are mostly political jobbers who are most times not averse to the application of diabolical means. Gone are the days of think-tanks and strategic planning. Gone are the days of principles and ideologies”.

“Try and call a meeting; they will not attend. Try and make a plan they will sabotage it. Everything is ad-hoc; everything is chaotic because they excel in such environments.

“The result is that they have played on his long-term ambition to be president and have built it into a sort of desperation and a crescendo that easily justifies this satanic resort to a Muslim-Muslim ticket. This is the calamity that has befallen my friend”.

Babachir Lawan had in the build up to the presidential primary of APC strongly lambasted Tinubu over his famous outburst in Abeokuta where Tinubu said it was his turn to be Nigeria’s President.

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