Customer feedback is an essential factor in business growth. Many businesses do not open up to get feedback from their customers probably because they are scared of having bad feedback.

I have tried to review some businesses in eruwa but I am also scared of giving them so they won’t say Pagemaker is painting bad about their business.

I want them to grow and adjust the way they operate but there is no channel for me to do that so I locked up and decided to stop patronizing them.

If you want your business to grow, be open up to getting reviews from your customers so you can improve and have a better relationship with them.

Create a channel to hear from your clients, if they walked in to express their experience about your service, welcome their review, and praise or rebuild yourself.

Good feedbacks are sweet but welcome bad ones too with a good heart, do not take the poster as an enemy of progress but the one that means growth for your business.

Some of the good reviews may not be true. They may be just to make you happy so you won’t be discouraged. Be wise!

Ask people if you are serving them as expected. What can we even say, some businesses do not have social media handles and email to welcome reviews from clients that won’t like to reveal themselves.

If you want to grow, create channels, be responsible for it and grow your business.

Feedback is important for business growth.


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