Beulah Adeoye Foundation Announces Environmental Sanitation Project, Health Talks, Cautions Residents Amidst Cholera Outbreak

As part of its activities to support government initiatives and community development projects amidst the cholera outbreak in some parts of the country, the Beulah Adeoye Foundation has announced her environmental sanitation project and health awareness talks.

The Chief of Staff of Beulah Adeoye Foundation, Mr. Ridwan Fasasi revealed this on Monday at the Beulah House, Ibadan where he announced the foundation’s environmental sanitation project and the health awareness talks.

He urged Nigerians to be more hygienic and imbibe frequent sanitation around them to prevent cholera disease.

Mr. Ridwan Fasasi while addressing newsmen said, “cleanliness is next to Godliness they say and to live a healthy life, we need to lead a healthier lifestyle starting with our immediate surroundings which is why the Beulah Adeoye Foundation aims to contribute to the cleanliness and environmental sustainability of Oyo State.

“Our objective is to promote a clean and healthy environment for the well-being of Oyo State residents by improving the environmental sanitation and aesthetic appeal, reduce the rate of sanitation-related diseases, raise awareness about the importance of environmental sanitation and its impact on public health, and to improve hygiene practices and overall public health.

“The foundation under-Secretary for environment, Miss Oyindamola Rahmon expressed that, “we shall organize regular clean-up events in selected locations across Oyo State, engaging corps members, volunteers, and local residents, also focus on clearing trash, sweeping streets, and disposing of waste properly.”

She emphasized that the foundation will conduct workshops and awareness campaigns to educate the community on proper waste disposal and recycling, collaborate with local authorities, environmental and health experts to provide informative sessions on the awareness and prevention of the recent cholera outbreak.

“Upgrading community public toilets, installing hand washing stations at key locations such as schools healthcare facilities and other public areas, distribution of hygiene kits such as soap, pads, disinfectants,sanitizers,water filters/purifiers ” she added.

She also said the foundation will provide certificates of participation and recognition to corps members, volunteers, community members and other participants.

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