Another One In The Bag, Bimbo Kolade Bagged Award Of Credence | Ejidiran Kayode

At the maiden edition of the Oyo State Gospel Music and Movie Award 2021 held at Ilaji Resorts, Distinguish Honourable Bimbo Kolade bagged an award of credence.

It is rare to see Nigerian politicians keeping in touch with their supporters, except, when elections are around the corner. Even those who won elections, would recoil into their cocoons, avoiding contact with even their closest supporters, until few months to the next elections, when they would usually turn to emergency philanthropists and begin to attend social functions – sometimes, uninvited.

Some people thought that the massive acceptance enjoyed by Hon Bimbo Kolade  was a ruse, or at most a deciduous craze obtained by the Fiditi born Politician due to his closeness to the corridors of power. But his popularity continues to soar, not just in Oyo State, but across Nigeria.

Earlier yesterday, Hon Bimbo Kolade was awarded  in recognition of his immense outstanding contributions, selflessness and promoting of Gospel Music and Movie in Oyo state.

Throughout the engagement, he  was mobbed by more admirers, and in his characteristic humility and calm mien, he remaining calm and obliged as many picture sessions as he could.

But, these people, couldn’t seem to have enough of him. They didn’t want him to go.
Curiously, most of them didn’t want money from him. While most of them just wanted to stay or to simply show solidarity with a man with a touch of love, humility, sincerity and Godliness. That’s how far reaching and impacting the man is.

Down home in Oyo Central Senatorial District, Bimbo Kolade name resonates beautifully across all political blocs. There is hardly any  politician of substance, who doesn’t have a good story to tell about his encounter with the former Oyo State Commissioner.

His stance at the various offices he had led and managed had brought in changes that matters with patterns that if sustained create continuous successes – this is the core of transformational leadership; one that can be monitored, managed and multiplied.

Beyond the boundaries of political affiliations, Hon Bimbo Kolade is a name that reverberates loyalty to the Oyo Central Senatorial District dream, capacity to lead and deliver purposeful leadership and a breathe of the new wine in a new wine bottle come 2023. We can’t afford to run the affairs of the states by recruiting a CEO that won’t matter in the new now.

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